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Quality Collision- Auto Body Repair

Let’s face it, at some point in your driving years, you might need the help of an auto body repair shop. The kind of time we are spending on the roads these days and the way many people drive have only increased the chances of a collision. After a collision, it is just not that easy to find the right auto body repair shop. Quite a few people are still skeptical about having collision repairs done at an auto body shop since there are many horror stories of substandard work from these places. So in the event you should need some quality auto body work done, it will be important to find the right place for your car or truck. Corvette Auto Body Repair

 Starting your hunt for an auto body repair shop in Conroe:

The first and foremost step is to find a body shop that can fix the car to it’s  pre-loss condition. In non-technical terms that would be like it was before a collision occurred. When an insurance company is on the hook for the repairs, it is their job to pay for the proper procedure to make this happen. There are definitely some factors involved with this such as the quality of parts used, repair vs replace, old damage, etc. A common example of this is bumper repair, should we fix the bumper or replace it? So this has to be agreed between the insurance company and the body shop. The next step is to make sure your customer service is good. Customer satisfaction is key to a good experience. Many things can go wrong during the repair process which may not be unavoidable. Having a good estimator to communicate with the insurance provider is a helpful asset. First impressions of a collision repair shop can be all it takes but sometimes you may have to dig a little bit deeper. If possible, talk to a technician that actually works on the car. How are they treated, how long have they worked there, etc. are all indicators of how your car will be taken care of. The size of the shop is not something to judge the work by, you actually can get better work from a smaller place. We’ll talk about that later.

If you have been in a wreck, having your car towed can be a frustrating experience because they may take your vehicle to a storage lot. You may ask if there is an auto body repair near me to take your car to. Many times the storage lot or wrecker service is tied in to a shop for commissions on the work done. Don’t let them talk you into anything before you check out the collision shop first.   Many quality body shops provide services like towing, rental service, auto painting, and bumper repair. The larger shops provide more to try and entice you to get the work, however, don’t be fooled by the convenience factor. A good referral and some good reviews can go a long way. Quality Collision is a small shop but we handle most anything the larger ones do. From collision repairs to small ding or dent work. Your car paint may just need a face lift, auto painting is a fairly technical procedure these days with so many different colors and matching problems. Some of the following services we offer.   Auto painting Glass replacement Bumper repair Paintless dent repair Body repair Auto restoration and more….      

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Quality Collision
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